Lord Dunnonís Platinum Plate

Lord Michael Dunnon, Military Duke of Alanthor, was one of the countryís most beloved and successful generals in a time when the Empire faced its greatest threat and came perilously close to destruction.Lord Dunnon was in command at the battle of Silchern fields, which was the turning point in the century long war of lizardman incursions.Before Silchern fields the armies of Alanthor had never won a battle against the lizardmen and it gave the embattled humans the strength to carry on, even though it would be another thirty years and two Emperors before the invaders were driven back to their swamp.At the time, being fearful of maintaining his throne, both in the face of public discontent and powerful internal political forces, the Emperor Gregor IV made both a friend and an ally of Lord Dunnon.One of several gifts the Emperor gave Dunnon was a suit of platinum armour, custom built at enormous expense to be the finest suit of plate in the army of Alanthor.

Dunnonís Plate is composed of a series of individual interlocking plates which form a complete suit, enclosing the wearer completely.It includes boots and gauntlets, but not a helmet since the Duke expressed a preference to having his head bare so his troops could see he was with them in battle.Each piece of the armour bears the Imperial Crest, intended as a less than subtle reminder to the general of who he was fighting for.

The armour confers an Armour Class of 0 to the wearer.Once per day the armour will heal 10 hit points of damage inflicted on the wearer, this can be done in addition to any other action the wearer wishes to perform or if unused it will automatically come into effect if the wearer is reduced to less than 2hp.If worn by a true scion of the House of Dunnon it will also grant +1 constitution.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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