Cloak of the Scorpion Fish

The scorpion fish avoids predators by having a similar colouration as the rocks of its habitat. Most of the creatures who would kill and eat it swim within inches of it never aware of its presence. Even if it is caught, the scorpion fish is protected by numerous sharp bony spines which prevent predators taking a bite out of it and sticking in the throat of those who do. The Cloak of the Scorpion Fish was first made by sea elves to protect them from attacks by aquatic animals such as sharks and sea snakes.

A Cloak of the Scorpion Fish is made by sewing together hundreds of scorpion fish skins onto a sharkskin backing. The backing is necessary because fish skin is not durable over any length of time When worn under water and the wearer is still they blend perfectly with their environment, and can only be detected by non-visual clues, such as movement caused by breathing and scent. If used in an under water ambush and the wearer has not been detected they will always have the benefit of surprise. While wearing this cloak under water the wearer is also defended against attack by a myriad of small spikes an attack made with natural weapons (bite, claw, horn, fist, etc.) against the wearer result in 1d3 damage to the attacker if it hits.

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