Chime Of The Ancient Mariner

This large rusted iron bell does not fit the legends of the Chime of the Ancient Mariner.It is said to be a silver wind chime which blows a haunting note that will carry through the greatest storm and over the roughest seas, or a great golden gong ensorcelled with runes of ancient lore, but nonetheless this is the true Chime.Its surface is barnacled in places, denoting that it spent at least a portion of its long existence in the sea, but when struck it rings out loud and clear and the sound is no less haunting for its dishevelled appearance.

Beddick Orl was the captain of the Storm Star for thirty years.He and his three masted ship ploughed the seas around the Icy North, coming through gales and typhoons that left dozens of other ships split to splinters.No matter how fierce the gale, as the winds abated the sound of his iron bell being run could be heard a mile away, like the death knell of the tempest.Mighty Lor, God of the Sea, might rage against the Storm Star, but while the iron bell sounded and captain Orl was at the helm the ship could sail over the highest waves and drive through white squall, splitting the sea itself in two; its course unalterable, its captain unflinching.

Now Orl was a Nordenlander, from the very top of the world where wizardly magic is almost unheard of, so who made the Chime is a mystery.Many believe that the Storm Starís longevity was due to the skill of its captain and the iron bell only became magical when Orl died and rather than be separated from his ship his spirit became infused in the bell.Whatever the truth, the Storm Star could not thwart the rage of Lor forever.The jealous god of the sea sent his priests to scuttle the ship that had defied their master for many long years and it sunk beneath the waves while still in port, drowning her captain, the only son of Beddick Orl and perhaps the only person who might have known the true origins of the iron bell.

The Chime is said to have been on every great sailing ship for the last 300 years since the Storm Starís sinking, indeed no less than fifty ships claim to have the Chime of the Ancient Mariner upon them right now.The false historical claims say the chime is bright silver or burnished gold or even brittle glass, but the true reports all speak of a dull iron bell whose powers one would not suspect unless it was struck.

The Chime is a great aid to all sailing vessels.When it is sounded during a storm or in high seas, the vessel which has the bell on it becomes almost unsinkable.Any saves the ship is required to make against damage to any part are rolled on 3 dice and if any one of the rolls are successful then the save is made.Also, while the bell is being sounded the ship and all aboard are immune to electricity damage; lightning just disperses in the air around the ship harmlessly.The charm attacks of sea creatures such as sirens are ineffective against the crew as the bell drowns out their singing.Finally while the bell is being rung the ship cannot be halted in its course, whether by magic, winds, high waves or by the grasping tendrils of a kraken, it proceeds as the captain steers it and at its normal movement rate and the magic of the chime will split waves of water in two and even carry the ship over rocks in shallow water without damage and though the ship cannot sail over land it will beach with no damage and remain upright.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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